About CSC

Convergence Summer Camp (CSC) is an annual camp experience where kids and families get to have fun together and encounter the Lord. When life gets busy and monotonous, it gets increasingly more difficult for families to slow down and connect. CSC is  a strategic disruption of our daily routines to give space for rapid growth, healing, encounters, connections, and rest. Families look forward to camp each year because they’ve experienced the incredible things that God can do in only 5 days. Each year we see kids and parents giving or rededicating their lives to Jesus, receiving physical and emotional healing, kids confessing and surrendering their addictions, choosing to live holy, people feeling God's presence, and receiving prophetic words, visions, and dreams.

The atmosphere around camp is electric. There is a constant excitement for the fun activities to be had and impactful chapel times to participate in. Smiles outperform frowns by at least 10 to 1. The food is tasty and the cabins are comfortable. Kids sleep like rocks through the night recharging for another day of constant activity. There is a feeling of unity for all campers and a spirit of friendly competition between the teams. Smiles continue as kids summit the rock wall, hit closer to the bullseye in archery, and jump in the pool. They come for the fun, but value the encounters.

When evening chapel approaches, excitement builds. You can feel the wonder in the air as kids expectantly think "I don't know what is going to happen tonight, but I know it's gonna be good!" - kids have a way of knowing that this encounter might change everything and they are HUNGRY for it.

Kids and families return to camp year after year because they value this encounter. Whether attendees are coming to camp from a fantastic year or a rough one, they know all that can happen in those 5 days - they know they will leave camp better than they came in and they just can't miss out on what's going to happen.

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